The Super.Escort.Fighter.Robot. codename MIGZ
started life as a decommissioned robot trainer.
In the developing "GO - BOLT" background story,
It's future pilot found MIGZ in an abandoned hangar
and saw great potential in it's diminutive frame.
During it's "un-official" restoration and subsequent
modifications there was much resistance in having
it play a role in the fight against the Tyran invaders.


The pilot in a daring move and against orders from
her superiors joined a battle between Combat R Zero
and a Tyran champion called "Hellion K-2". Her role
as escort fighter in the battle was pivotal in Hellions
defeat, and although MIGZ was nearly destroyed, the
scientist at the Infinity labs Skunkwerks division fitted
the new MIGZ with the same indestructible alloy as
Combat R Zero and the rest of the Go-Bolt robots.


Armed with twin head mounted Vulcan machine guns,
a belly mounted Photon main cannon, and a very
powerful "Drill Bomb" (and don't tell the pilot it looks
like a baby pacifier either) MIGZ's is indeed a deceptively
capable new addition to the GO-BOLTs!


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