September 7, 2010


Good news! For those still on the fence about purchasing our Combat R Zero, adding additional colorways or better yet our new Panzer Ace robot. Now is the best time to do so! We are introducing a new $5.00 Domestic (U.S. only) Flat Rate shipping! So weather your thinking of getting a lone CRZ or an army of Atomic Mushroom robots your shipping is a flat $5.00 dollars!

International collectors need not feel left out. We got you covered with a drastically reduced shipping rate (email for details) as well! So go and build that robot army and pick up a new robot or three! - Robert



June 17, 2010


We finally have an official release date for our new Panzer Ace "Cobalt Knight" vinyl figure. The 250 piece run has been dockside in a California port and is now rolling it's way to our NC location. We will start taking orders on July 1st. Retail price is at $69.00. Needless to say we are very excited to finally have it here and have it available to all the folks who have been waiting patiently for this new addition to our super robot line. Thanks to all of you for your support! - Robert




April 23, 2010


I know, I know, April is here so,, "Where's Panzer Ace" right? We where hoping our order wasn't going to be effected by it but the story is that we where unable to finalize the details of our project before the Factory's Chinese New Year cut off date back in January. So we are unfortunately pushing our release date to late May/early June. we do apologize for the delay but hang in there, I guarantee Panzer Ace will be worth the wait. - Robert =)



January 22, 2010


Hey All,

Panzer Ace has been progressing very nicely since my last news update. We've approved the first pulls from the newly developed rotocast molds after a few revisions. We also recently received painted samples from the factory to approve the colors we've chosen. Our initial vision for this figure was to have it appear like those Japanese Die Cast Metal
robot toys or "Chogokin" with metallic paint schemes. We even went further and had the factory apply painted shading effects.Our factory as usual did not disappoint. Please check out Panzer Ace in the Preview section and see for yourself.

I'm currently working on the graphics that will go on the card insert for the re-closeable clamshell packaging and we're really feeling how close we're getting to have these available to the collecting public. More updates on the website coming so check back often. - Robert



October 12, 2009


Hi All,

Our good website guy Adam just made some fresh updates to our previews/skunkwerks page. click on the MIGZ and ULTRA BUSTER teasers for more info on these characters. We also have an update on our PANZER ACE vinyl figure. The wax model has been finished and is being prepared for the production of the metal rotocast molds. We'll be adding the production photos from the factory in our gallery page as soon as I can get them organized.

A shout out to all our fans out there! THANK YOU for all your support! We could not have gotten this far without you guys.. We love you all!! - Robert



September 16, 2009


Hey folks, we've added a newly tweaked homepage as you may have noticed. As promised we are working towards updating the site so do check back often. I'm also working on the previews section adding some detailed info on a couple of the characters there. More of them will be uncovered as time goes by. One way to uncover them quickly is if there is enough request to reveal a certain teaser pic. So check out the new previews section and send in your request via our "secret radio room" ;D - Robert





September 10, 2009


Ok, ok I know finally an update right? No excuse but I think this should make up for things. We are excited to announce that a project we had planned for some time ago is now underway. Panzer Ace is currently in the early stages of the tooling phase at the factory and will be slated for an April 2010 release. Check out the new PREVIEW/SKUNKWERKS section for full details. We will be making some changes to the website in the next week or so. Please check back often and browse a bit, you may discover some pleasant surprises and don't be shy to send me an e-mail about any of the things you see on our website =) - Robert




October 2, 2008


We had a very positive response to our "Gas Money Sale" and we are happy to say that we where able to deploy many more of our "Zero's" to new homes. We have also decided to keep these prices as a fixed retail price for the remaining stock of our original five CRZ colorways. Thanks to all of you guys and gals that have supported us. We are trying to do new robots and with your continued support we should be able to realize these goals.

We are also running our first magazine ad in the Dec (in news stands in the second week of October) issue of Toyfare magazine! Please be sure to pick up a copy and check it out.

That's not all! To promote our toys to the general toy collecting public reading Toyfare we are having another sale to run until the end of October. All regular colorways will be $39.00 each and Supersets will be $206.00! Act fast as stock is depleting.

Lastly, from 10/4/08 to 10/11/08 we will be out of town on holiday so any orders that come in during that time will be processed on the following Sunday and should go out on the 13th. Thanks again for your support." Robert


September 9, 2008


We all feel the little crunches in life during these days what with the economy, high gas prices and such. So we are implementing our new "gas money" price points. All our single figure prices have been adjusted from $55.00 to 50.00 and the already discounted Superset from $265.00 to $260.00. Never let it be said that you can no longer afford that extra gallon of gas after purchasing our toys! LOL! So make sure to take advantage of the new pricing! It's basically a "sale till it's no longer on sale, sale!" - Robert



August 19, 2008


Hi folks, Sorry about the lack of updates. We have been in hiatus for the past six weeks as my wife was on maternity leave after the birth of our third son. I was in charge of our 2 year old during the time and needless to say that the job is definitely a full time job. Kudos to all moms out there. =) We are still alive and well here in Atomic Mushroom and we have several projects in the works including a new robot design and a few surprises concerning Combat-R Zero. Stay tuned for more detail." - Robert



May 19, 2008


The first place winner for the Combat-R Zero fan art contest on TOYSREVIL blogsite has been chosen! A big CONGRATULATION to Anton Dirkin for this winning entry:

Anton is the grand prize winner and will be receiving a CRZ Superset! Great Job Anton!! The 2nd,3rd,4th, and 5th place winners are currently being decided by public voting on TRE. We wish all the remaining entries good luck!!


May 16, 2008


Atomic Mushroom is adding a PRINTS section to our Products Page and to start things off we have two new prints that debuted in May 4th at the Vinyl Toy Network in Pasadena Cal. Be sure to check it out! Also...

We have good news for International customers! We have a new lower shipping rate on our Paypal checkout system. We appreciate all our fans not just in the US but all over the World and this should help you guys and gals out so that you can more easily bring Combat-R Zero and all our future products to your side of the World.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all the folks who entered the Combat-R Zero Fan Art contest on ToysREvil blog site! Lots of great work entered. It'll be hard choosing the winners but hey, talk about labor of love eh?! Thanks all of you!! - Robert

April 7, 2008


"Atomic Mushroom will be making it's first public appearance at the May 4th Vinyl Toy Network in Pasadena Califonia! We hope to meet some of you guys who have picked up our Robots and hear what you think and of course meet potential new fans. We should have some CRZ's on hand waiting to go to new homes as well as several new prints. It was sort of a last minute decision to go so unfortunately we didn't have time to have an exclusive colorway. We will however have on exhibit some of our prototypes such as this unpainted glow in the dark CRZ and this never before seen "Cloak Mode" clear figure as one of a few colorways we are considering for future release. We will also have concept drawings of some up coming Bots to compliment our Combat-R Zero figure. Hope to see ya there!" - Robert

March 24 2008


Sharpen your pencils! Atomic Mushroom along with the popular toy blog ToysREvil is currently having a Combat-R Zero "fan art" contest. The Grand Prize is a CRZ Superset with runner ups winning one of four regular colorways. Please check out the TRE blogsite for all the info. Good luck!"  Robert 


March 13, 2008


We just discovered that our e-mail system was not functioning properly and have not received e-mail coming from our website. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have brought this to our "website gal" Vanessa's attention and she should have this up and running in no time.


On another note. We are excited about Monday, March 17th when we begin taking orders online of our Combat-R Zero vinyl figures and Supersets! We are just working on some last minute details and hopefully everything goes without a hitch on big Monday! Crossing my fingers!!



March 10, 2008.


"The truck with it's 40'ft trailer filled with our Combat-R Zero shipment from China arrived early this morning. It took only two hours for our guys to unload the shipment into our storage area. As you can see the boxes are almost reaching the ceiling. We will begin sales as soon as we take accurate inventory of our stock and settle some order processing issues we have. This should not take more than a week. Keep checking back for more details soon! " - Robert


March 5, 2008


Our Combat-R Zero shipment has finally arrived on U.S. soil ! As of this writing, US customs is processing our cargo of precious bots. Our UPS customs broker is scheduling for the truck to make delivery to our "warehouse" (aka our garage LOL) on the 10th. Once we get everything settled in we will begin taking orders online.
Needless to say we are very excited and anxious to get things started. Just a few more days folks! Thank you all for hanging in there.."  - Robert  



Feb 20, 2008


Welcome to our grand opening! We are very excited to finally have our official website up and running! As I type this our Combat-R Zero shipment is well on its way to US shores and is expected to arrive in the last week of this month. We are just making sure that we have our systems organized and hopefully be able to efficiently take and process orders at the beginning of March. This is our first time doing this and hope that things goes reasonably smooth. There are a few sections under construction but please feel free to look around the place and check out what's there. There are only a couple of weeks left before "Drop Day" so make sure to bookmark this site and check back often. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop us an email @ our contact section. Thanks again for dropping by and checking our site out" - Robert 

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