Introducing "Panzer Ace" the newest addition to our Superhero robot line. Standing at around 21 cm. tall with three points of articulation and a removable jump pack. It is slated for early an 2010 release and will be limited to 250 pieces for this first colorway. Pictured here are photos of the pre-production vinyl samples painted in all metallic colors with shading effects. These are only different form the production versions by the missing "Skunkwerks" robot skull and crossbones symbol on the jump pack. Look for them in early April 2010!


Panzer Ace is one of Combat R Zero's ally in the battle against the evil Tyran invaders. Officialy designated as "CR-1" in the developing background story "GO-BOLTS", Panzer Ace is actually one of the first five super robots developed before Combat R Zero. CR-5 (yet to be named) was the first to have been built.


Unlike Combat R Zero, Panzer Ace is more of a land based mech specializing in heavy weapons such as missiles and its very powerful main cannon on it's chest. Not capaoble of sustained flight, CR-1 does have a very powerful jump pack enabling it to leap across great distances. Stay tuned for a possible comic book series on the adventures of Combat R Zero, Panzer Ace and the rest of the GO-BOLT robots!






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